From 1985 to 2001, Chris D. had been widely considered one of Disney’s top illustrators for print advertising.  His covers range from the award winning “The Lion King” to the recent “Lilo and Stich” and more.


He received numerous awards in the illustration field for his movie work and Disney work.  He also was a finalist for the prestigious Belding award, and was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Artist’s For A Better World.


He has been chosen as 50 Emerging Artists by Art Business News, along with being featured multiple times on the cover. He has also been given a Contemporary Master Artist Award, 10 Master Artists, and multiple cover articles by Art Tour Magazine.


 He now devotes most of his artist skills to fine art oil paintings and his collectors include James Cameron, Michael Jackson, Jane Seymour, David Hasselhoff, and Prince Abdul.

A Glimpse of St. Peters

Roma II



St. Peters Colonnade

Roman Ruin

Untitled 14

St. Stephens Cathedral (Vienna)

Untitled 17