Chelsea G.

Chelsea create energy-infused paintings for spiritual, high-achieving professionals, so they can feel reconnected to their true expression, and the medicine of the Earth... even when they’re inside.

Art is extremely personal, and we all have different styles and colors we are drawn to, which is one reason she enjoys working in a variety of styles like playful watercolors, whimsical oils on wood, and creating custom commissions, along with the custom pet portraits she offers.

Most recently, Chelsea has been creating with oil paints on burled, live edge wood pieces. In addition to being infused with intentions of magic, calm, and mystery, these ethereal paintings literally carry Earth frequencies of the beautiful, naturally-finished wood they’re painted on. From owls taking flight to women laughing in delight, these new works are inspired by my deep desire to help us remember that we are intimately, a part of this beautiful Earth-organism we live within.


The small acrylics on square canvases and playful, vibrant watercolors she has been creating are also intended to reconnect us with the diverse beauty of Earth’s landscapes – and considering we are a part of nature and the Earth – to reconnect us with our inner landscape: our emotions, dreams and desires.


Similarly, the larger oils on canvas she paints are often created through a ‘dance’ with the paint and canvas, in which she moves to music, feel emotions, and allow the paint and brush to guide the underpainting before adding details and geometric forms over top. These larger paintings are also intended to re-connect us with Earth’s captivating vibrancy so we can feel calm, energized and inspired in the spaces we spend the most time. 


Orchids Falling