Artist Statement 

In my work I strive to reflect sentiments inspired by color, texture and light. I find joy in nature's colors, lines, and forms and in man-made creations, however ordinary, that enrich nature's beauty.  I gravitate towards great sweeping skies, married to slices of warm earth and distant mountains, dotted with the comfort of warm barns and farm homes.

Scenes that are prominent in places I've lived and traveled contribute greatly to my aesthetic, particularly the vastness of the Great Plains and the boldness of the Rocky Mountains.

Often I will begin a piece only to walk away from it for a period of time. I return to each creation and continue to add layers and elements until a singular moment is staring back at me.


I was born in Hebron, Nebraska, and grew up in Denver, Colorado.  I attended the Colorado School of Mines, then completed my education at Texas A&M University.  Along the way, I made the transition from student to businessman to flight attendant and finally, artist.

I prefer  to work with acrylics on canvas but have studied water colors as well as oils. My technique is largely self-taught, as I have enjoyed discovering different mediums and approaches over the last 20 years. I have received instruction at The Art Center of South Florida and the Art Students League of Denver.


Memory of the Old Farm

Sitting Solo

Sitting Still


The Prairie sings to me

Winter Refuge

Westerly Creek

Winter Refuge

Warm The Sky