A trip to Kitzbuhel in Austria as a young boy inspired Konrad to take up ski racing, and he continued on to race in multiple Olympic games for it. Whilst his ski training took him around the world, he always took his camera with him to share the wonderful experience of the long distant journeys to the likes of Argentina and New Zealand. Half a century ago, Konrad developed his skills in capturing the majesty of the wilderness. 

Now for the last decade and a half, Konrad has concentrated his artistic photographic work, and collated from his many ski touring expeditions to the mountainous extremities of the 7 continents.

In 2018, Konrad launched his first solo exhibition which was hugely successful and extremely well received, as his large scale work captured the serenity and perspective of our true place on this planet.

The clarity of Konrad’s vision with his minimalistic winter-scapes and powerful images resonated with audiences and he has continued to hold further exhibitions in other galleries with even more success.



"I have always been fascinated by a camera's ability to capture that one remarkable and memorable moment. Just the high speed of the shutter separating the intricate, exquisite detail from the surrounding distractions. The magic of processing prints and watching them come alive in the darkroom is what inspired me to always travel with a camera. This collection of my work is what I have been privileged to experience and is my personal reflection of what I have witnessed in the extremities of this most seductive planet."