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2022 Fall Home Décor Trends

Fall is just around the corner, so it's time to start planning your fall home décor plan! Knowing the current trends and planning makes transitioning from season to season easy and fun! To help you begin planning, we will discuss the 2022 fall trends!

When to start decorating for fall?

You might be wondering when you should start to decorate for this fall. With the first day of fall being on September 22nd this year, anytime around this date would be the perfect time to begin transitioning from summer to fall. But it is never too early to start planning and shopping for the upcoming season! So get ready to get those plans in around fall is approaching quickly!

What are the fall 2022 trends

This year's fall trends include warm tones, fun textures, and unique shapes! By no means do you have to incorporate all these trends into your home; instead, pick one or two that fit your home and style! Continue reading to dive deeper into this year's trend and prepare for your fall transition!

Warm Tones and Natural Woods

If your home is already pretty neutral, decorating for this fall season will be an easy transition for you. Warm tones and earth tones are making a tangible impact on the 2022 trends and will be in full swing this fall season. Tones like terracotta, sand, cinnamon, copper, oatmeal, and muted greens pair well with almost every color pallet and bring life to a home.

Another popular trend on the rise is the use of natural, lighter wood tones. Adding a light wood cutting board to your kitchen or barstools is a simple way to include this trend. Incorporating natural woods into your home creates a warm, welcoming environment.

If your home is grey-toned, don't panic, you can easily still incorporate these warm tones and natural woods into your home. Start adding warm tones and natural woods through coffee tables, frames, side tables, and chairs. Soon your home will be on its way to keeping up with the trends! If the warm tones and natural woods cause panic in your mind, no worries; black is a great color to use for contrast with the warm tones!

Woven Elements and Textured Fabric

Fabrics and woven elements are fun to spice up your living space! Linen, boucle, velvet, and nubby textures are this fall season. Swap out your summer throws, rugs, and pillows for some heavier textured and warm colors, and you are ready for this fall!

These changes will make your home feel cozier in an instant. To bring even more spice to your space, consider adding a woven basket as tabletop décor or as a fun piece of wall art. Adding little things of texture here and there throughout your home is enough to give your home a touch of fall.

Unique shapes and curves

Unique shapes and curves made a grand entrance in early 2022 and have stuck around through the year! This fall, we will continue to see curves in chairs, couches, tables, windows, mirrors,

and walls.

Don't start busting out walls to make archways in your home; you can easily include curves by adding a fun sculptor to a shelf or a uniquely shaped lamp to a side table. Including a few unique shaped items and curves around your home will soften it and be eye-catching!

Get decorating!

You are ready to hit the stores and start preparing your home for this fall season! Including warm tones, textures, and unique shapes this season will spice your home up and be perfect for a cozy fall day! Remember, you don't have to hit all the trends; sometimes, a simple throw pillow, rug change, or a throw blanket is just enough to change the ambiance of a room!

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