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Gardening is an Art!

Let’s dig in!

The Fine Art and Frame Company is pleased to partner with Amoeba Art Collective located in The Fine Art & Frame Company showroom in downtown Fort Collins. The Amoeba provides a wide array of creative classes and workshops with local artists and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Ranging from painting and drawing to fashion design and skateboard designs, we offer you the unique opportunity to explore your curiosity, create and connect.

Do you love gardening or aspire for a green thumb? Have you heard of “plant propagation” but are still scratching your head wanting to better understand?

The Amoeba Art Collective is pleased to offer you a chance to learn more with Chez Flora!

Plant propagation is the technique of creating new plants from existing plants and this be done in a number of ways. We will introduce clipping and seeding and discuss rooting hormones and soil mixes.

Plant Propagation is a great skill to have because you can make lots of new plants for your garden rather than having to purchase them from a nursery (saving you money). It’s also nice to propagate plants and give them to friends and family as presents. Hello thoughtful gift!

Achieve the satisfaction knowing you have fostered new plants, which is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of gardening.

Take home your beautiful creations in adorable jars.

Light refreshments offered. All ages and skill levels welcome.

Sunday, May 19 Fine Art and Frame Company showroom 148 W Oak Street. Suite E Fort Collins, CO 80524 Cost: $34

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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