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Home Design Trends for 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

This last year, functionality, productivity, and aesthetics all became essential for people working and living at home. This study revealed that 69% of people in the US engaged in a home redesign in 2020, and that number was suspected to stay consistent throughout 2021.

In light of this, FAFC decided to analyze some of these home design trends of 2021 to, hopefully, propagate more creativity and well-being for the year.

1. Here Comes the Sun

  • Natural light is vital for health and well-being. Sunshine, which is white-based light and tells our brains to be awake and engaged, ensures we can see our work properly for full productivity. Sheer curtains are great for providing some privacy while still letting natural light pour into your space.

  • Fresh air ensures that we are breathing in all the atmospheric gases that are essential for human function, so make sure to keep windows open as much as possible to let all that fresh air flow in. It's scientifically recommended to have at least 15 cubic feet of fresh air flow into your space every minute!

2. Lighter Colors and Finishes

  • The same study from before noted that lighter- and earth-toned materials were the most popular picks for 2020 home redesigns. They inspire us by grounding us back to nature.

  • Think: soft teal, apricot orange, hibiscus red, daffodil yellow, and coffee brown. These colors connect us to our senses and deepen our connection with the environment.

  • Check out the Benjamin Moore’s Color Picks of 2021 for more color inspiration.

3. Bringing the Outdoors in

  • Alongside bringing the colors of nature inside, we can also bring the actual outdoors inside.

  • Think luscious plants from the local nursey, organic materials (leather, wood, silk), and water features (like a miniature Zen fountain).

  • Check out FAFC's Moss Walls for the perfect custom-made, natural piece of artwork (made of a variety of preserved ferns and mosses) that are colorful and lively collages of greenery.

4. Comfort and Joy

  • An object’s meaning is more important than its beauty. A major home design trend of 2020 included displaying memorabilia, which includes showcasing photographs, framing special knickknacks, displaying collections, and more. Anything that brings you closer to your heritage, your culture, your environment, your friends and family, and yourself is priceless.

  • Check out FAFC's custom framing. We have a wide array of framing, matting, glass, and hanging options for every project.


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