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Running out of Holiday Gift Ideas? FAFC Can Help You Out This Holiday Season.

The holiday season is often the most stressful time of the year for a lot of people. Having to get gifts for everyone, and leave no one out. Spending countless hours with those relatives you see once a year, and having to make small talk (most likely about covid-19). However, we at FAFC are able to help out with at least one of these stressors.

Most people are concerned about what gift to give people, well you are in luck. If you are looking for gifts for your wife, husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandma, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, son, daughter, or anyone! FAFC can help you with your holiday shopping.

Many people overlook art as a good gift due to the fact that it is "too expensive," or "people don't want art." Both of these statements are true and false to an extent; have a price range you are willing to spend on one or more people, and art doesn't have to be some abstract piece where everyone is thinking, "what is that?" It can be as simple as a photograph of mountains or of an animal. In this article I will cover 3 great art gift ideas that will not break your bank.


There is a style of art for everyone!

Even if you believe you do not enjoy art or some of your family may not enjoy it; I ensure you there is something for everyone. Art doesn't just have to be an abstract thing that no one knows what it is. Art can be many different things: sculptures, photography, glass, dimensional wall art, metal, etc. There is something for everyone.

Take me for example, I am not a huge art person at all, yet I love landscape photography of mountains, ocean scenery, animals, just about anything in nature. If your loved one is adventurous and outdoorsy, I would start there. Obviously being outdoorsy and active is not how everyone enjoys their life.

Introverts are probably the hardest to shop for around the holidays because they mainly don't say what they want and if they do, it is most likely a vague explanation. That is why art can be such a great gift!


What to get that introvert in our lives?

As mentioned before, this can be the hardest person to shop for. However, if you know this "introvert" pretty well then most likely you know at least one thing that they like. This can be a great start! For example, let us say that they enjoy video games. Obviously they may want a video game for Christmas, but on top of that a great gift would be a piece of video game art!

This piece is vague enough where one who wasn't educated on what game it was would have no idea, and just think it's a cool piece of art. But to them it means more, it is part of their life! So if you know a video game your loved one likes to play, look it up online to find a piece of cool art! This is mostly going to be for a younger audience, but is not limited to that either!

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Now, what to get that significant other in our lives!

This may be your make or break gift idea considering it is already Dec. 3rd. If you are panicking cause your significant other is saying, "No I don't need anything, or you don't have to get me anything," this usually means they want something, yet feel bad and don't want to ask for anything. This is where art can come in and save the day. Not every piece of art is going to be hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you know where to look and what to look for, this is a quick and easy process. This is the real world however, and most likely you don't know where to look or what to look for. Let's start where to look: The Fine Art and Frame Company website is where I would start. We have an array of artists with no two alike. There is an artist for everyone on our website! If that doesn't work for you and you do not find anything there, I would do a search on google for what your significant other likes, then narrow it down to what they would like in art form. This will lead you to numerous sites that will have plenty of options for you to choose from.

If you have no idea where to start with this search, go through our website with your significant other, have them pick out pieces and styles they like, then you can pursue them on our website or make a search for other similar pieces!


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