Explore Shima's work and let the cool waters rush over you, the sand cradle your tired feet, and the breezy air flow peacefully through your hair.

Shima's Process: Encaustic


"Nothing in the definition of encaustic describes its lusciousness; the fragrance of grasses and wildflowers radiating from melting pots of wax straight from the honey and the hive, or the sensuousness of this alchemical elixir of wax and pigment and its transparency, translucency, and opacity." - Shima S.


This is Webster's definition of Encaustic: “A paint made from pigment mixed with melted beeswax and resin and, after application, fixed by heat." It is a unique and extremely expressive way of painting that creates real depth within a piece. "There can be up to 30-50 layers of wax in a single painting. There are no limits to the freedom and expression of encaustic," according to Shima.


Homeland of the Soul

Perpetual Peace



Precipice of Peace


The Roar of Silence

The basket Weaver 6/10

Peace Makers I

Peace Makers II