Victoria K. 

Artist Statement

Victoria holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where she graduated class valedictorian.  She has over thirty years of experience as a Professional Artist and has worked as a Corporate Graphic Artist, Freelance Illustrator, Gallery Owner, Fine Artist, Art Instructor and Exhibit Juror.


     Victoria considers herself an ‘interpretive abstract’ artist.  Her goal is to create an abstracted visual interpretation of a thought, feeling or idea through the interplay of color and form that is often interwoven and connected with line.  Her fine art paintings are exhibited and collected internationally.

"My work is composed of multiple layers of oil and cold wax applied and subtracted with palette knives, brayers, squeegees, scrapers and carving tools.  Layers are carved through to previous ones, then additional paint added.  I often include textural aspects by adding marble powder, sand, ash, granite crystals, etc.

The process takes me on a journey of sometimes challenging moments and often surprising and wonderful discoveries.  I work intuitively and let the painting tell me when it is finished.


A favorite quote of mine is from John Daido Loori on the Zen of Creativity:

“The future doesn’t exist.  It hasn’t happened yet.  The past doesn’t exist.  It has already happened.”

The process of this work reminds me to stay present in the wonder of each moment."