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Jessica M.

"I have experienced excruciating loss, and growth over the past 3 years. I knew that if I was going to survive, I had to make a new life with creativity at it's core. Being an artist of nature saved my life; nature saved my life... so the least I can give back to her is to celebrate the riot of color, the light in leaves, water over rock. I want my work to inspire movement, memories, and appreciation, protection really, of this wild and beautiful world. Living along the Colorado front range for nearly three decades has informed my palette with crisp blues, riot aspen yellows and sneaky warm magenta like the water that flows through it all, warming everything up like a sun baked rocky crag on a canyon wall. I paint as an invitation, join me in the wild of the Rocky Mountains. Take a long, deep breath and put your feet in the stream. Listen. Remember that you too, are wild. I hope my work gives you pause, peace, and the memory of a moment in the mountains."

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