The next big thing in biophilic art


Bring the outdoors in with our artisan moss walls. Moss walls are beautifully crafted, custom pieces of artwork made of a variety of preserved ferns and mosses that create a colorful, lively, and organic collage of greenery. They allow you to bring natural elements into your space without any of the care or maintenance that living plants require. 


It's more crucial than ever before to find ways to reconnect ourselves with the natural world. FAFC’s artisan moss walls add life into every space and inspire those who experience their beauty.


Our moss walls are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and we will customize one just for you. Contact us for pricing.


  • For indoor use only

  • A combination of real ferns and moss

  • 100% UV-protected

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Non-toxic available

  • Does not require water or sunlight

  • Keep out of direct sunlight

Lobby + Moss - sample 2021.jpg
16700 EDITED.jpg