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Whether it is a piece handed down to you from a family member or something you found at a garage sale it is important to know the value of the artwork you have.

As an IFAA certified art appraiser, we provide both online and in-person valuations and appraisals of fine art pieces, residential contents, collectibles, and decorative items.

How do I get an online valuation/appraisal?

All appraisals by appointment only.

It is easy to get an online valuation/appraisal from photos you submit to us through text message at 970.490.1001 or email. In some cases we will need to see the artwork in person to verify its authenticity. 

Information needed includes:

  • Good, clear photos of the front and back of the artwork

  • Dimensions of the artwork, and if framed overall outside dimension

  • Closeup photo of signature, if present

  • Any supporting documentation (Certificate of Authenticity, sales receipt when purchased, former appraisals, etc.), if present

  • Any additional information or history that you can provide

What is the difference between a valuation and an appraisal?

Valuations are short, over the phone, verbal estimate of the possible current market value of a piece of art. The client will not receive any paperwork.

Appraisals involves more research and the time to complete it may vary. You will receive paper and digital documentation of our research and the estimated current market value. Appraisals are needed in the following instances: insurance loss / replacement value, estate probate, resale purposes, and division of assets.

How long does it take?

Appraisals involve more research and the time to complete them may vary. Please allow up to four weeks for a complete appraisal.

How much does it cost?

Once your information is submitted, one of our art consultants will call you with an estimate.

Valuation/Appraisal/Restoration Information Form

Fill out 1 form per peice 

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