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Celebrating Women's History Month and International Women's Day: Highlighting our Female artists!

March is Women's history month, and just a few days ago was international women's day, so all of us here at The Fine Art and Frame Company are highlighting our female artists all month long! This will be the second of three articles this month highlighting our fantastic female artists, and all the wonderful art they create!

This post will highlight artists that have been with us for years, and brand new artists we just added!


Sandy G.

Sandy G. is an amazing sculpture artist, in which she likes to create a constant theme. Combining metal, with natural objects you find everyday, creates a beautifully done sculpture of fish, elk, horses, birds, and any other living thing you could think of in the Rocky Mountain area.

She inspires people to use natural resources and incorporate it into their work. All of her work is perfect for décor in the house, outside, in the man cave, just about anywhere you could think of would be a perfect place for Sandy's work.


Carole M.

While here at FAFC, we may not carry a lot of Carole's pieces, all of her work is stunning. Carole creates colorful, and lively abstract paintings that resemble landscapes. Her pieces really give you that sense of calm and tranquility you receive when it is just you and open land ahead.

Carole M. is drawn to capturing the ever-changing moods of the seasons and particular times of the day, especially within the salt marshes, the sky, clouds, and water. Her paintings have won numerous awards and are in private and corporate collections.

"The focus of my oil paintings is the emotion a subject evokes for me, and I try to interpret that feeling to create a mood in my paintings, not an exact rendition of the subject, but my interpretation. I like what Picasso said, 'I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.'"-Carole M.


Kelly B.

Similar to Carole M, Kelly B. creates beautiful and amazingly well done interpretive landscape art. It is not abstract, and is generally clear what is pictured. She is a true Colorado artists, trying to capture the beauty of Colorado in every piece.

From snowboarding, to cycling, to walking by Union Station; She truly creates pieces that will suit anyone's desires.

Kelly is an amazing artist and we are lucky to have her and all of these artists! If you would like to check out any more art from any of these artists, visit our website at:


Feel free to contact us with any questions/inquiries or come visit us!

Call Us at: 970.490.1001

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