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Art as Food | Food as Art

Food is intertwined in most aspects of our lives. In the world of art, it has been a subject on display, inspirational models, and artist sustenance since the dawn of time. In terms of recorded history, food has been art at least since the Roman era. Pictures involving food usually offer glimpses into the socioeconomic status of the scene, including serving and preparation methods. Now, the edible art trend has emerged once again! From themed café treats around the world to online tutorials, people have created countless unique and trendy works of art surrounding food.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was once home to the Blue Bottle café and pastry artist Caitlin Freeman, where she recreated famous art pieces like the Mondrian cake. The cafe’s most popular item was a dessert inspired by the geometry of Piet Mondrian’s art.

Geometric Art Collections: Andree C. & Kyle G.

Pixel perfect real-life food art! Pixels are usually digital, though recently Yuni Yoshida proposed thinking inside-out, using real food and analog techniques, she cut and stacked patches of pixelations in her staged food compositions.

Sushi has transformed into art thanks to a recent trend in Japanese cuisine. Multicolored Koi-Shaped Sushi (“Nishikigoi no Sugatazushi”) utilizes the same ingredients as traditional sushi, but are cut and sculpted to appear as graceful, swimming fish. The edible craft springs to life on the plate, the school of koi seem to be in motion.


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