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Art This Month: Celebrating Black History Month

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

February is Black History Month, and in celebration, we’re so happy to share some pieces we have available at The Fine Art and Frame Company made from Black artists nationwide. It’s so important to focus on inclusivity, representation, recognition, and appreciation of the Black Community in this country and worldwide. Here are a few highlighted artists and their beautiful pieces we have available – some bright and lively, some moody and dramatic, some abstract and emotional, all absolutely stunning!

Learn more about Black History Month:

  • Black History Month 2021

  • Why Black History Month is in February

  • 10 Books to Educate Yourself on Black History, Culture, and Struggles

In order from top left to bottom right:

“Every Woman” by Monica Stewart (Art Print)

“To The Moon 2” by Markus Prime (Art Print)

“Amber Sun” by Erin K. Robinson (Art Print)

“Midas Ginko 2” by Markus Prime (Art Print)

“Deep Distress 2” by Markus Prime (Art Print)

“Grandmother, 2008” by Laura James (Giclee Print)

“Flow” by Monica Stewart (Art Print)

“Nautical Stone 1” by Markus Prime (Art Print)

“Easy Ease (Neutral)” by Erin K. Robinson (Art Print)

“Quaint Indigo 1” by Markus Prime (Art Print)

“Madonna (Love)” by Laura James (Giclee Print)

“Graceful Motion III” by Monica Stewart (Art Print)

“Woman Reading, 1997” by Laura James (Giclee Print)

“Symphonic Strings” by Joseph Holston (Art Print)

“Me” by Colin Bootman (Giclee Print)

“Martine” by Erin K. Robinson (Art Print)

“Gold Indigo Shuffle” by Markus Prime (Art print)

"White Blossom Study II" by Samuel Dixon (Art print)


All prints available - Contact us!

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