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Body Positivity in Art

Art and design are not only essential for enhancing life's beauty; they're also catalysts for change. They teach us about different cultures, expose us to different ideas, and inspire and invigorate us.

Artists all around the world are using art and design to make statements and to spark movements of all kinds, and as Art Consultants, we realize our duty to promote positive change through art.

With the onset of summer, FAFC would like to highlight one of these movements in particular: Body Positivity.

Butt Vase in glazed ceramic in glossy white by Centerpeak. Photography by Elliot Reynolds.


Check out this powerful gallery that FAFC made of awe-inspiring female forms that express the importance of body positivity in art. These pieces will fill your space with love, positivity, happiness, and empowerment.

All prints available for purchase. Contact us for more information.

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