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Celebrating Women's History Month and International Women's Day: Highlighting our Female artists!

March is Women's history month, and just a few days ago was international women's day, so all of us here at The Fine Art and Frame Company are highlighting our female artists all month long! This will be the first of three articles this month highlighting our fantastic female artists, and all the wonderful art they create!

This post will highlight artists that have been with us for years, and brand new artists we just added!


Shima S.

One of our favorite artists here at FAFC, Shima S. has an encaustic style that takes a lot of skill, and patience to pull off. With up to 40 layers of wax in one painting, Shima's style is very hard to replicate and is one reason why we love her work. She always paints the latest style with her own spin on things, keeping us coming back to her over and over again. You can see some of Shima's work on our website under artist works!

"Nothing in the definition of encaustic describes its lusciousness; the fragrance of grasses and wildflowers radiating from melting pots of wax straight from the honey and the hive, or the sensuousness of this alchemical elixir of wax and pigment and its transparency, translucency, and opacity." - Shima S.


Sisa J.

Sisa is such a skilled and gifted artist that can create everything from a mountain landscape, to abstract art, and modern contemporary. This piece of Sisa's is so beautifully crafted, and is really her calling card. Moving shapes, changing colors, and depth or in the essence of her pieces.

She is unique in the fact that she does not depend on color in her pieces, yet adds them when they almost don't seem necessary; creating a truly unique pieces. We are so proud to carry some of her pieces, which you can see on our website!


Victoria K.

Our newest artist that we are so proud to add to our distinguished collection of female artists is Victoria K. She has over thirty years of experience as a Professional Artist and has worked as a Corporate Graphic Artist, Freelance Illustrator, Gallery Owner, Fine Artist, Art Instructor and Exhibit Juror.

"My work is composed of multiple layers of oil and cold wax applied and subtracted with palette knives, brayers, squeegees, scrapers and carving tools. Layers are carved through to previous ones, then additional paint added. I often include textural aspects by adding marble powder, sand, ash, granite crystals, etc.

The process takes me on a journey of sometimes challenging moments and often surprising and wonderful discoveries. I work intuitively and let the painting tell me when it is finished."

In her art, you can sense a feeling coming from it. Giving each piece its own personality, yet they are all connected. This makes every piece unique, interesting, colorful, and intertwined. We could not be more thrilled to add Victoria to our website, and be able to feature her!


Feel free to contact us with any questions/inquiries or come visit us!

Call Us at: 970.490.1001

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