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Cherishing Love

Updated: May 20, 2021

Is there anything better than a warm, cozy hug on a frosty winter morning? Or a rich cup of coffee in your favorite seasonal mug? Or how about a plump wintertime fruit, with its sweet, whirling scent insisting to be enjoyed? Even during these colder months, there is love to be found everywhere.

The winter season is a joyful time for connecting with family and rekindling old friendships, though mostly through FaceTime and phone calls these days. It is a great time to spark old romances, with all the heartwarming activities and delicious treats to remind us of old memories, and to remind us to keep making new ones. Love should be an unfaltering feeling, but there’s something special about this season that makes cherishing love even more remarkable.

Here is a mood board we put together to get you inspired for the upcoming holiday, and the beautiful spring season ahead of us – including smooches, sunsets, and soft petals (to name just a few things). Cheers to cherishing love!

In order from top left to bottom right:

“Pink Heart” by Kari Taylor (Giclee Print)

“Oranges on a Branch” by Winslow Homer (Giclee Print)

“Embrace” by Charlotte K. (Sculpture)

“Red Fox and The Rose” by Susan S. (Giclee)

“Heron Romance” by Dana S. (Photograph)

“Rose” By Charles S. (Giclee)

“Love on the Lake” by Dana S. (Photograph)

“Unconditional Love” by Kathy C. (Giclee)

“Redstone Sky” by Laura G. (Giclee Print)

“Wishes” by Core (Original – Mixed Media on Canvas)


All prints available - Contact us!

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