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Denver Hospitality Renovation

We are so excited to show off one of our installations in Denver! For several months, we worked with Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative (OLC) and Hilton Worldwide to beautify a DoubleTree hotel in Denver, Colorado. The newly renovated lobby now features a modern twist on Colorado’s outdoors-y culture. FAFC provided some choice pieces of art to complement and enhance OLC’s architecture.

Throughout the restaurant and bar area, there are birch logs used as dividers, inspired by our scenic mountain range. In the exquisitely designed buffet area, where hand-painted gold and bronze metal flower sculptures hang, additional logs were brought in and lit from below to accentuate their natural texture.

Keeping close to nature’s heart, this design is perfectly paired with modernity in a set of three Live Edge mirrors. Each of these custom mirrors use hand-picked wood, chosen specifically for this project, staining the smooth face and leaving the rough edge.

The lobby’s centerpiece similarly marries rustic to modern. On either side of a two-sided fireplace the “Leopard Appaloosa” (lovingly referred to as the “Beyoncé Horse”) stands majestically, back-lit to seem like she is glowing. The finished Plexiglas print far exceeds our expectation and we are looking forward to creating more projects with this unique design.

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