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Embrace the Simple Hues of Winter

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Though the cool blues, mellow browns, and soft whites of winter might not be as invigorating as the vibrant colors of spring and summer, the rich tones of winter months evoke the soul to relax and reset. They invite you to appreciate the never-ending changes of the seasons, for what is here one day might not be here the next.

Winter is the season for snowy adventures, bundled strolls, warm drinks in cold hands, late mornings, mountain drives, cozy layers, and cozy moments shared between friends and family. Enjoy this winter mood board to inspire you in these reclusive times. Let it encourage you to look deeper into the colors and feelings around you, and let Mother Nature teach you to be as evolving and content as she is. Let’s learn to enjoy the winter season by exploring its unique scenery, heartwarming activities, and simple hues. Embrace winter for everything it has to offer!

“Pinnacle 3” by Kyle G.

Poster Print


“Populus Fragment 10” by Craig A.

Original Acrylic on Paper


“Abstract Figure 84” by Cecil K.

Original Acrylic on Paper


“Skiing Waiters” by SA



“Live Edge Mirrors”


“Super Moon over Gray’s peak” by SS



“Monument” by Konrad B.



All prints available - Contact us!

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