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Food as Art | The Ponti at Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is known for its spectacular collections of art within its unique architectural structure that demands recognition from the art world. It's a great site to visit in Denver as it reveals the modern-ness of the city and its emphasis on culture.

Not only does the museum offer an amazing opportunity to experience art, it also offers the opportunity to experience exquisite food. On October 24th, 2021, the museum will be opening up two new restaurants: The Ponti and Café Gio.

Café Gio will be a "quick-service casual dining" spot for guests to visit during museum hours, while The Ponti "will be an immersive dining environment" that "combines art and dining" by utilizing "high standards of sourcing and sustainability".

Jennifer Jasinski, a James Beard Award winning and celebrated Denver chef, has earned the title of the restaurant's Consulting Chef. She specializes in sustainable and local ingredients and is sure to create a wonderful menu for the restaurant. If the food tastes as good as the interior looks, it's sure to be a massive success. Read more about Jennifer and the new restaurants here.

Food and art are deeply connected. Humans are enticed by food not only by past memories but also by how it looks and smells, which requires a creative, artistic sense. We're excited to visit the restaurant when it opens and see how they curate its art & dining experience!

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