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How Art Can Make Your Hotel Feel Like a Home Away From Home.

Feel like your lobby isn't niche enough? These tips will help you obtain the clientele you want.


How big of an Impact does art have on guests?

Although many guests may not recall exactly what piece of art was hanging in the hotel lobby, it inadvertently makes the guest feel some kind of way when they walk through the main doors into the lobby for the first time. Whether that be excited and ready for an adventure, or calm and relaxed. Art will instantly create a "feel" for the entire hotel.

Like this lobby for example, what "feel" does it give off? Personally, this screams luxury and professionalism over comfort and tourism. Now, I am not saying this is not a comfy, cozy hotel; based off of the art and the way the lobby is designed, it seems more orchestrated toward a professional audience. The art selected and used in this lobby was for a specific reason, and that reason is they do not want families of six coming to their hotel, their target audience is business people.

Image From:


What Art Should You Choose to Fit The "Feel" You Want?

There are countless styles, and artists you can choose from to fill your lobby with the perfect pieces. This, of course, is dependent upon what "feel" you are going for.

If the clientele you want to attract are more business and professional oriented, look for more modern pieces. Abstract art, dimensional wall art, or photography helps create this specific feel.

Image By: Annie W.

However, if your clientele is looking for a cozy getaway this changes. You want to create a calm and relaxing effect with the art you select.

This can be created by using landscape art, landscape photography, and animal photography. Also, since the audience is not too professional; you can get away with some humorous pieces of art to really create a "homey" feel.

Image By: Regina M.


FAFC offers a plethora of different styles for hotel art and other hospitality endeavors.

One of our most popular creations is our custom-made, in-house preserved moss walls.

Made of preserved ferns and moss, our moss walls add the most beautiful, natural element to every space.

- For indoor use only

- A combination of real ferns and moss

- 100% UV-protected

- Environmentally friendly

- Non-toxic available

- Does not require water or sunlight

- Keep out of direct sunlight

We also work with artists worldwide so we have a grand array of different styles, mediums, sizes, and prices of art and framing options to choose from. Check out some of these popular showroom picks!




All prints and dimensional art are available from FAFC. Contact us to start your next project!

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