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How Art Increases Showroom Sales

Art is a vital tool to express the best that life has to offer.

It improves people's well-being, it nurtures community, and it increases the value of wherever it's being displayed.

This is crucial information for showrooms to utilize.

Without art in your showroom, you could be missing out on major sales opportunities. Not only will you profit from selling the art, the art will encourage customers to purchase other items in your store as well.


This article details 10 ways that art increases sales. Here's a summary:

  1. Art makes people feel that their well-being is being taken into account.

  2. Art breaks the ice for customers by giving them something to converse about.

  3. Art establishes your showroom as a unique and easily recognizable place.

  4. Art makes places more enjoyable for customers, so they stay longer, which increases the likelihood of them making purchases.

  5. Art increases the perceived (and actual) value of your showroom. Humans are extremely visual beings; we place value on things that look aesthetically pleasing, and art does exactly that for a business.

  6. Art promotes creativity, so customers feel more inspired to put together ideas in their heads from the inventory you are offering in your showroom.

  7. Art exemplifies your knowledge of cultural diversity and awareness.

  8. Art beautifies the work environment, so your employees are happier, which inevitably increases sales.

  9. Art can be of high value and high cost, so you might make higher profits from it than other items in your showroom.

  10. Art gives you the chance to promote your showroom by hosting events focused on art. You could host monthly art shows/exhibits, which will bring customers into your store and make them realize that you are an established and engaging showroom that they will want to return to.


FAFC offers a plethora of different styles of art for showrooms.

One of our most popular creations for showrooms is our custom-made, in-house moss walls.

Made of preserved ferns and moss, our moss walls add the most beautiful, natural element to every space.

- For indoor use only

- A combination of real ferns and moss

- 100% UV-protected

- Environmentally friendly

- Non-toxic available

- Does not require water or sunlight

- Keep out of direct sunlight

We also work with artists worldwide so we have a grand array of different styles, mediums, sizes, and prices of art and framing options to choose from. Check out some of these popular showroom picks!




All prints and dimensionals available from FAFC. Contact us to start your next project!

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