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The Art of Choosing Art for the Medical Lobby

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Art has the power to heal people. It strengthens a place's sense of community, aids in mental and physical well-being, and provides a visual oasis from this busy day and age.

The lobby can be a nerve-wracking place in a medical facility. Some people are awaiting good news, some bad news. Because of these extremities present in the medical lobby, it's essential to include details in the space that calm these heightened emotions.

One of the best ways to do that is with art. Not all art is well-suited for a medical lobby, though; it must speak to these heightened emotions in a way that soothes them. The art must be stress-reducing and beautifully entrancing to look at.

Custom-made Moss Wall from FAFC


SIDE NOTE: These are general suggestions to be kept in mind when choosing art for a medical facility. The exact style of art you want for your medical facility may differ than this, and that's okay. Lucky for you, FAFC has an enormous range of styles, sizes, prices, and mediums to choose from. Contact us to discuss what kind of art you're searching for for your next project!



  1. Focus on nature and landscapes

  2. Steer clear of abstracts

  3. Pay close attention to color schemes

1. Focus on nature and landscapes

Studies have shown that nature and landscape images are the top choices among patients in hospitals. That's because nature is soothing to the soul and calming to the senses. It distracts us from the business of everyday life and reminds us of simple and wholesome memories.

The best natural scenes for artwork in a medical lobby include ones that are luscious and growing. That's because this imagery makes us feel like we are healthy and growing. It evokes nostalgia for past adventures and excites us for future ones.

2. Steer clear of abstracts

Abstract works are some of our favorites here at FAFC; they are fantastic for a lively hotel or a fast-paced office, but they are not the right choice for a medical facility. Abstracts promote contemplation, which is not ideal in this kind of setting as their ambiguity can increase anxiety.

Not only do patients prefer natural and landscape imageries in medical facilities, they also prefer somewhat realistic ones. That's because they are the easiest to imagine, to envision for ourselves, and to transport us to that particular place.

3. Pay close attention to color schemes

There is no other element of design that affects human's emotions, behaviors, and state of mind more than color. It's the principal detail we notice in a space, and it's what affects us the most within it.

All colors can be either exciting or restful depending on their saturation and tone. Bright, warm colors like scarlet red and neon yellow make people feel intense, which should be avoided in a medical facility. Whereas soft, cool colors like spruce blue, basil green, and mauve purple make people feel at ease. The key to not making these colors feel too simple is to mix them with warm tones like coffee brown, nectarine orange, and pastel yellow (see below).

Though winter is a natural scene, it's not a good imagery to include in the medical lobby because it can feel cold and lonely. White can be included if done in a strategic way, as it can feel pure and wholesome. Earth tones are great because they feel natural and authentic. They make us feel grounded and interconnected.

Check out the gallery below that FAFC made to inspire your next healthcare lobby art projects!



All prints and pieces are available from FAFC. Contact us to start your next project!

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