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Upgrading Your Man Cave: One Thing You May Not Have Considered...

It is every mans dream to move into their dream house that has the ultimate man cave. For many men, this dream will be accomplished as long as their wives go along with their idea. There are countless extraordinary man caves in the world, and unlimited examples to look at. However, what makes those outstanding man caves stand out? It is most likely something you may have not thought of yet... Art.

Photo by: Brian G.

Before you stop reading and say, "that is ridiculous." Hear me out. Depending on what the theme of the man cave is, different or more art may be needed to make it really stand out. Now when I say, "art", I do not mean Picasso or Van Gogh has to line every corner for your man cave to be amazing (even though that would be pretty awesome to have some of those pieces).

Every man cave has its own identity, and therefore has different art. There is the classic sports man cave, with sports memorabilia and jerseys filling the space. Or a theater man cave, with a projector and recliners right next to the old fashioned popcorn maker. No matter the man cave, these tips will help you bring that man cave to the next level; or if thinking about making one, keep these things in mind on your next project.


Tip #1: Stay on Theme

The first and best tip to creating the man cave that will make all of your friends jealous is to have an overarching theme. This does not mean you have to stick with one theme, let's say baseball. Of course if you just want a baseball man cave then all the power to you, however if you are mixing sports make sure you have a balance between the sports. There is obviously wiggle room with how you want to accomplish this, but to make it look as jaw dropping as possible; stick to your theme.

Photo by: Judy M. WAG


Tip #2: Dimensional Wall Art Adds Depth and Diversity

Artist: Dimensional original

This type of wall art is not the cliché type of art. Like the example above, it can be all different things. Incorporating it into your man cave isn't as difficult as you may think; things like unframed baseball bats, Helmets, Hockey sticks, golf clubs can all be used as dimensional all art. However, things like the wood above can be included in a man cave if it stays with the color theme of everything else.

This type of art will give your man cave depth, making it more interesting to your guests and less boring for you over time. This is the most important tip due to the fact that no other types of wall art can actually give you that depth within the piece.


Tip #3: Gravitate Towards Photography Art

Photo by: Jason J. WAG

The reason this is a tip is because of the essence of a man cave. Whatever theme the man cave is, the point of it is to make you feel like you are being transported to the place the man cave is based off of. Whether that be at the game, on the course, at the movies, in a French wine cellar, or riding a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere; photography gives you that sense that you are actually there. This does not mean you cannot include whatever other types of art you want in your cave, but the more photography; the better. Having a panorama of the stadium right next to the tv can make you feel like the whole stadium is right in front of you. This is something that is only achieved with photography.


No matter the theme, no matter the location, no matter the budget; a great man cave is just a few pieces of art and memorabilia away from being a dream come true. Of course there are many other things that are not included in this post that help make a man cave amazing, such as stereo systems, tv's, and furniture. However, If you are reading this, I can confidently say that all of that is already taken care of, and you are on the last step in completing your man cave. Keeping these tips in mind and letting them guide you will result in you having not only the man cave of your dreams, but of everyone's dreams.

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