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Designers & Architects: How to Include Art in your Client Presentations

FAFC has worked with many talented interior designers and architects.

Throughout these great experiences, we have learned the importance of bringing artwork to the forefront of a project, beginning with the initial presentations and ending with the final installations.

We want to explain why it's crucial to include artwork in your presentations.

Interior designers and architects know that interior and exterior spaces have the ability to change the way humans feel, behave, and experience life. Artwork is no different.


Why artwork is important in a space:

Residential-based projects

  • Art motivates, stimulates, and inspires people.

  • Art has the power to reduce stress, increase creativity, promote productivity, tighten communities, spread ideas, and encourage communication.

  • Art makes people feel much more comfortable within a space. Without it, a space can feel dull and impersonal.

Company-based projects

  • Art can help create a positive brand image for a company.

  • Art makes a company seem cultured and knowledgeable.

  • Art shows the status/success of a company.

  • Art makes customers feel welcome and involved, increasing sales.


Why artwork is important in client presentations:

Including artwork in your presentations to company-based clients will communicate to them that you are actively thinking about increasing their overall image and sales, and including artwork in your presentations to resident-based clients will communicate to them that you care about their well-being.

WHERE is the best place to include artwork in your presentations?

FAFC believes the best place to start with is in the MOOD BOARD.

Why? Because mood boards are used to communicate to a client (through textures, colors, patterns, etc.) the feeling of a place and how the place is intended to be used.

Including artwork in your mood boards will:

  • Communicate to clients an even deeper understanding of the intended feelings of a place.

  • Show clients that you are actively thinking about their style preferences and inspirations.

  • Make clients feel warm and comfortable, which will increase the likelihood of your ideas being positively reciprocated by your clients.

Check out this example to we put together to give you some inspiration for your next mood board.


Isamu Noguchi sculptures

Artwork: Craig A., Konrad B., and Carol B.


FAFC offers a wide range of sizes, mediums, styles, and artists to choose from. Let us help you find artwork and frames at any budget. Contact us to find beautiful artwork for your next project!

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